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Thu 19
Athletico Paranaense defeats Internacional and wins 2019 Brazil Cup

Athletico Paranaense defeats Internacional and wins 2019 Brazil Cup

September 19th, 2019.


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Curitiba soccer club Athletico Paranaense won the 2019 Brazil Cup title, after defeating Rio Grande do Sul’s Internacional by two goals to one. A single ticket, placed in Brasília by 49 different people, has won a R$ 120 million prize in Brazil’s main lottery, Mega-Sena. Brazilian oil company Petrobras has stated today that gas and diesel prices will have their prices increased at refineries, even though they claimed they would try to avoid any price changes; oil prices and supply are being affected throughout the world since Yemeni Houthi rebels began to strike oil production facilities in Saudi Arabia. Israeli prime minister announced he will not be attending the United Nations general assembly, after disappointing election results both for him and his opposition candidate left them at a stalemate. Finally, Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has provided a public apology after pictures of him wearing “blackface” makeup during his youth were released.


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Athletico Paranaense defeats Internacional and wins 2019 Brazil Cup

Curitiba soccer club Athletico Paranaense won the 2019 Brazil Cup title, after beating Internacional by two goals to one, in the Beira-Rio stadium, in Porto Alegre. Léo Cittadini and Rony scored the goals for the winning team, while Nico López scored for the home team. For winning the title, Athetico will receive R$ 52 million, and will be taking part in next year’s Libertadores Cup, as well as the Brazilian Supercup, in which they will face the team which wins the Brazilian Championship.


Single ticket wins R$ 120 million in Mega-Sena lottery

A single ticket won the R$ 120 million prize of the Brazilian Mega-Sena lottery, after the Wednesday night draw. According to Caixa Econômica Federal, the bet was placed in Brasília, and 49 people took part in it. As well as the main prize, 406 tickets matched the five drawn numbers, and will receive R$ 49.4 thousand each, while people who got four numbers right will be entitled to R$ 461.96 each.


Petrobras increases gas and diesel prices at refineries

Petrobras informed its customers today that a 3.5 percent readjustment will be made in the price of gas sales in the state-owned company’s refineries. Diesel prices will be up by 4.2 percent. The new prices will be in effect by Thursday, according to Folha de S. Paulo. The company had pledged to be cautious, concerning prices, and claimed customers would not be affected; prices of oil-related products have been increasing since Yemeni Houthi rebels attacked Saudi Arabia’s main oil production facilities – the country is responsible for 5 percent of the whole worldwide production.


Political uncertainty makes Netanyahu cancel UN general assembly appearance

After the partial results of Israel’s parliamentary elections were disclosed on Wednesday, in which neither prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu nor his main opponent, Benny Gantz, were able to obtain a sufficient advantage to form a government without the need for coalitions, a high-ranking official from the current administration cancelled the prime minister’s trip to New York next week, to attend the United Nations general assembly. Netanyahu was expected by US president Donald Trump, in order to discuss a peace plan in the Middle East, as well as mutual security plans between both countries.


Trudeau apologizes for 2001 blackface picture

Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, apologized on Wednesday for having appeared wearing “blackface” in a picture of a party themed “Arabian Nights”, in 2001. The issue surfaced precisely as he is fighting a tough battle in order to be reelected for a second term. The picture, published by Time magazine, was taken when Trudeau taught in a Vancouver private school, and shows the then 29-year-old wearing a turban with plumes and the face darkened by makeup – a practice widely frowned upon in Canada and the United States. “It was something that I didn’t think was racist at the time, but now I recognize it was something racist to do, and I am deeply sorry,” said the prime minister at a press conference.


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