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Mon 25
Flamengo wins Libertadores and Brazilian Championship in less than 24 hours

Flamengo wins Libertadores and Brazilian Championship in less than 24 hours

November 25th, 2019.


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Rio de Janeiro’s most popular soccer team won the Libertadores Cup and the Brazilian National Championship in less than 24 hours; after coming back from a drama-filled final in Lima against Argentina’s River Plate, Flamengo saw its only rival, Palmeiras, lose a match, and won another major title as their fans still filled the streets celebrating the previous one. Venezuela’s interim president, Juan Guaidó, answered on his social media accounts a statement made by ex-Brazilian president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, recently jailed for corruption and money laundering charges, who claimed there was an ongoing coup attempt in Venezuela and Bolivia. In Uruguay, center-right candidate Lacalle Pou was a favorite to win the country’s presidential elections, but while ballots are being counted no winner could be announced. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, pro-democracy electors managed to outvote parties aligned with the Beijing government, in a strong demonstration of support towards the recent protests which have rocked the city, China’s only democratic territory. Finally, Brazil’s Woman, Family and Human Rights minister, Damares Alves, has announced a plan to fight the practice of infanticide among Indian tribes throughout the country’s indigenous peoples.


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Flamengo wins Libertadores and Brazilian Championship in less than 24 hours

One day after winning the Libertadores Cup, Rio de Janeiro’s – and, some might say, Brazil’s – most popular soccer club, Flamengo, won the Brazilian National Championship four rounds in advance, after the only team which could outnumber them in the tournament, 2nd-place Palmeiras, lost its match against Grêmio. On Saturday, Flamengo played a thrilling match against Argentina’s River Plate in Lima, Peru. After being outplayed by their rivals during almost the entire three quarters of the match, the team regrouped, and eventually striker Gabigol managed to strike two goals during the frantic last ten minutes of the game. Huge crowds took to the streets of Rio de Janeiro to welcome the team on Sunday.


Venezuela’s interim president answers Lula: “you are a convicted thief”

Shortly after a Supreme Court technical decision released him from a prison cell in which he was jailed after being convicted for corruption and money laundering charges, Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, lashed out at the political situation in Bolivia and Venezuela, claiming both countries were being victims of attempted coups led by US president Donald Trump. The Venezuelan interim president answered on his Twitter account. “I have been elected twice to Congress, and according to our Constitution I am president in charge. Unlike you, who is a convicted thief. Maduro and you have taken part in the sacking of our peoples, through Petrobras, Odebrecht, and PDVSA.”


Center-right victory in Uruguay still pending confirmation

After a dramatic vote-by-vote count, opposition candidate Luis Lacalle Pou seemed to head towards a victory in the second round of the Uruguayan presidential elections, held yesterday, putting an end to 15 years of hegemony of the left-wing Frente Ampla coalition. However, during the early hours of Monday, Lacalle Pou had little over 30 thousand votes, less than one percentage point, ahead of his rival, pro-government candidate Daniel Martínez. All polls predicted a clear win by Lacalle Pou, but the candidate held a speech on Sunday night in which he urged his supporters to wait for the end of the counting of ballots.


Hong Kong pro-democracy parties topple pro-Beijing ones in local elections

Early results of the Hong Kong district council elections held on Sunday showed a wave of support for pro-democracy parties, indicating an endorsement of the recent anti-Chinese government movements and a rejection of the pro-Beijing establishment, held by many as responsible for the longstanding agitation period in the city. Millions took to the ballots, in a record number, to vote in the only fully democratic election held in the whole Chinese territory, signaling that voters wanted to send a strong message to the central Communist Party authorities.


Damares’s plan to fight Indian infanticide

Brazil’s Woman, Family and Human Rights minister, Damares Alves, has frequently signaled her intention of acting against the tradition of infanticide within several indigenous native tribes – in particular the practice of burying alive newborns who have any kind of physical disabilities. The issue was criticized in a report published by news website HuffPost, in which Damares was called “racist”, “genocidal maniac”, and a “colonist” by several members of the opposition in Congress.


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