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Mon 22
At least 290 dead in terrorist attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka

At least 290 dead in terrorist attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka

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In Sri Lanka, seven hundred people who were supposed to have had a blessed Easter ended up having a horrific one. Islamic terrorist attacks carried out by jihadist groups killed at least 290 Christians and left five hundred injured. Around the world, leaders condemned the attacks and expressed condolences to those bereaved. Weirdly enough, Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton refused to use the word “Christian” in their responses to the attacks. In Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro had an eventful Easter. On Saturday, he published an interview with Olavo de Carvalho, in which the philosopher attacks and curses everybody, stressing Vice-president Mourão out. Also on Saturday, he rode a motorcycle around Guarujá, committing the traffic violation of not wearing his helmet properly. In Europe, Ukrainians go nuts and elect a comedian as their new president.

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At least 290 dead in terrorist attacks against Christians in Sri Lanka

On Sunday, 290 people, mostly Christians, were killed in terrorist attacks against churches and hotels in Sri Lanka. According to the government, the attacks were carried out by a jihadist organization. Most of the victims were in church to celebrate Easter. The death toll is expected to rise, since there are more than five hundred people injured. In response to the attacks, Sri Lanka shut down social media to avoid fake news and jailed 24 Muslim leaders.


In reaction to attacks, Obama and Hilary Clinton refuse to use the word “Christian”

The terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka have shocked the world. Several leaders have expressed condolences to the families and at the same time condemned the attacks. Strangely, two of them have made a point of not mentioning the religion of the victims. On Tweeter, former US President Barack Obama and former US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton called Christians “Easter worshipers”, as if by doing this they could conceal the anti-Christian aspect of the hideous attacks.


Once again, Bolsonaro uses a holiday to spark controversy

President Jair Bolsonaro loves controversies during holidays. If during Carnival we had the infamous “Golden Shower tweet”, Easter presented us with a lengthy and curse-filled aggressive interview with philosopher Olavo de Carvalho posted on Bolsonaro’s official channel on YouTube. The interview was later removed. Vice-president Mourão, mentioned in the video, reacted by saying that “Olavo should focus on what he does best: astrology.”


Bolsonaro commits traffic violations while riding around Guarujá

Besides fostering an atmosphere of tension in his own government, President Jair Bolsonaro enjoyed the Easter holiday riding a motorbike around Guarujá, in São Paulo. He left the hotel and, wearing a PSG jersey and a bulletproof vest, rode for about twenty minutes around the city, stopping here and there to take selfies with supporters. Since he was not wearing the helmet properly, as the law requires, Bolsonaro has committed a serious traffic violation.


Comedian wins landslide victory in Ukraine’s presidential election

In Ukraine, a comedian with no political experience whatsoever was elected president on Sunday. Interestingly enough, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, 41, became famous for playing a president in a humorous TV series. Now the actor/clown/president will have to deal with Ukraine’s internal problems, such as the rise of a violent right-wing movement, as well as external problems, such as Ukraine’s most inconvenient neighbor, Vladimir Putin.


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