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Sat 25
At the eleventh hour, Congress approves irresponsible fiscal measures

At the eleventh hour, Congress approves irresponsible fiscal measures

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It’s never too late to get fiscally irresponsible, right? At least that’s what the current legislators think. As the year comes to an end, they have approved bills that put the 2019 budget at risk. For instance, yesterday they passed a bill that, in effect, loosens the Fiscal Responsibility Act for mayors who wish to spend more than they collect. But the shame doesn’t stop at the Legislative, for Chief Justice Dias Toffoli requested legal action against that outraged lawyer who said that the STF is shameful. Meanwhile, former minister Palocci accuses former president Lula of being the middleman between bribers and his son. In Sweden, bribers, if they exist, will have a hard time in the future. The country is about to abolish its cash. And Popeye is back in a politically correct version, without his famous pipe and eating all-organic spinach.


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At the eleventh hour, Congress approves irresponsible fiscal measures

Once Congress approved a pay raise for the Judiciary, Legislative employees pressure representatives to grant theirs as well. Because… well, why not? And the current Congress seems determined to muddle the country’s budget for the next few years. The House has approved an irresponsible bill that, in fact, loosens the Fiscal Responsibility Act for municipalities. The message is clear: Mr. Mayor, feel free to spend the taxpayers’ money. Only PSDB and PSL were against the populist measure.


The ShamefulGate continues: Toffoli requests legal action against insolent citizen

Things don’t get tired of getting worse. By now you already know that Justice Ricardo Lewandowski requested a man be arrested aboard a flight. Criticized by everybody with an ounce of common-sense, Lewandowski reacted with a deplorable note. Instead of apologizing for his colleague’s authoritarian attitude, Chief Justice Dias Toffoli requested legal actions with the PGR and Minister of Public Safety, Raul Jungmann, against the offender, who in fact is a man who simply said that the STF is shameful.


Palocci accuses Lula of intermediating bribes to his son

In a deposition to the Federal Justice this Thursday, former minister Antonio Palocci accused former president Lula of mediating the payment of a bribe to his youngest son, Luís Cláudio Lula da Silva. In exchange, Lula supposedly sold provisional measures that would benefit the auto industry. Thanks to the MP, two manufacturers, Caoa and Mitsubishi, did receive subsidies to keep their plants in the Center-Western region.


In Sweden, the future is one without paper currency

Sweden is about to abolish paper currency used in the country. Half of the country’s retailers already believe that they are not going to accept coins and bills after 2025. This is such a strong trend that authorities have started estimating the social cost of abolishing currency paper, mostly for the elderly, who don’t feel at ease with electronic means of exchange. The Swedish Central Bank is also testing a digital currency – the e-krona – to keep control over the country’s money.


Popeye returns after politically correct makeover

The legendary Popeye, the sailor man, is back. The new animated series, called “Popeye’s Island Adventures”, premiered on YouTube to celebrate the cartoon’s ninetieth birthday. But there will be changes – some of them likely to displease long-time fans. First, Popeye doesn’t smoke his famous pipe. Second, the spinach he eats is all-organic. Even Brutus has changed. Also submitted to the politically correct view, the villain gave up abducting Olive Oyl, who, by the way, is not the frail damsel always in danger anymore. She is now an inventor.


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