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Fri 28
Bolsonaro meets foreign leaders in Tokyo summit

Bolsonaro meets foreign leaders in Tokyo summit

June 28th, 2019.


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Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro met several world leaders during the G20 summit in Tokyo; the meetings were expected after he had been criticized due to his environmental policies. The Brazilian national soccer team struggled to beat Paraguay in a penalty shootout in the quarter-finals of the Copa America, and will now face the winner of the match between Argentina and Venezuela in the semifinals. Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro arrested 13 people after an alleged ‘plot’ against him was disclosed by his Communication and Information minister. Opposition leader and self-proclaimed Venezuelan president Juan Guaidó called the incident a “soap opera”. A teenager in Istanbul, Turkey, became a local hero after saving a toddler who fell from a window; CCTV cameras recorded the moment in which he caught the baby in mid-air as she plunged from a building. Finally, a foreign student has gone missing in North Korea; the Australian government fears he might have the same fate as a US student who died a few years ago after being arrested by the government of dictator Kim Jong-un.


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Bolsonaro meets foreign leaders in Tokyo summit

President Jair Bolsonaro met several world leaders during the G20 summit in Tokyo, Japan, after several controversial statements were made by them regarding the Brazilian leader. He first met French president Emmanuel Macron, who threatened not to sign a European Union trade deal with Mercosur if Brazil pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement, something which Bolsonaro denied he would do. Then he met quickly with German chancellor Angela Merkel, who had criticized Bolsonaro’s environmental policies and the excessive deforestation in Brazil, to which Bolsonaro answered that Brazilians have a lot to teach the Germans. Finally, he met US president Donald Trump, and invited him to visit Brazil.


Brazil struggles to beat Paraguay, and advances to the next round at the Copa America

In a penalty shootout at Grêmio Arena, in Porto Alegre, the Brazilian national soccer team managed to beat Paraguay and advance to the semifinals of the Copa America. After an extremely lukewarm nil-nil draw, both teams had to undergo a penalty shootout, in which the Brazilians came out as winners after goalkeeper Alisson heroically defended the first Paraguayan spot kick. Gabriel Jesus was responsible for taking the final and decisive shot, and Brazil will now wait for the winner of the match of Argentina against Venezuela to find out who will be their next adversary in the semifinals.


Venezuelan government arrests 13 people after an alleged ‘plot’ against Maduro

On Thursday, Jorge Rodríguez, Communication and Information minister for Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro, has shown videos depicting an alleged attempted coup against Maduro which would involve the murder of the Venezuelan leader as well as several other top officials. Thirteen people have already been arrested by local authorities, according to the minister, who accused opposition leader Juan Guaidó of having connections to the plot. Among those arrested is a brigadier general, Miguel Sisco Mora, named by Rodríguez as the “operation commander”. On Wednesday, Rodríguez had denounced an alleged conspiracy by Israel, the United States, and Colombia, to topple Maduro’s government. Guaidó, recognized by over 50 countries as Venezuela’s legitimate president, answered by calling the whole ordeal “a soap opera”.


2-year-old girl falls from building in Turkey and is saved by teenager

It looked like a normal work day for 17-year-old Algerian immigrant Feuzi Zabaat, who did not imagine he would end the day being called a hero. He was at the right place at the right time, and managed to catch a two-year-old girl, in mid-air, who fell from the window of a second-floor apartment in Istanbul, Turkey. The teenager works near the building as an assistant at a frame workshop, and was walking down the street when he saw Syrian toddler Doha Muhammad hanging from a window and positioned himself underneath her. The moment was registered by CCTV cameras, and Doha’s father, Yusuf, who thanked him emotionally, gave him a reward.


Australian student disappears in North Korea

North Korea may have arrested an Australian student who lives in Pyongyang, potentially complicating efforts from some G20 nations to bring back Kim Jong-un’s regime to the negotiating table. The Department of Foreign Relations and Trade issued a statement claiming it is investigating reports that Alex Sigley has been detained by North Korean authorities. He is the only Australian living in that country, according to the local press, and coordinates trips for foreign students. Sigley’s family said he hasn’t made any contact since Tuesday morning; they fear he may have the same fate as US student Otto Warmbier, who died in 2017 after being detained for over one year in the Asian country.


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