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Thu 23
Brazilians die in suspected gas leak in Chile

Brazilians die in suspected gas leak in Chile

May 23rd, 2019.


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Six Brazilian tourists died in Santiago, Chile, after a toxic gas leak. The victims tried to contact family members and the Brazilian consulate, but were already dead by the time the paramedics arrived. There is a significant number of parents who have been giving a toxic substance to children who have autism; the substance, known as MMS, is made of chlorine dioxide and is highly corrosive and may be fatal. A US preacher in Uganda is also being accused of providing a similar substance to thousands of churchgoers in that country, claiming it is a “miracle cure” against cancer, malaria, and AIDS. In Congress, a reaction against the Federal Supreme Court’s intentions of making the discrimination against homosexuals and transsexuals a crime equivalent to racism has begun; they claim such a measure would violate the freedom of speech and religion established by the Brazilian Constitution. Finally, homicides have dropped by 27 percent during the first months of Jair Bolsonaro’s government; fighting violent crimes was one of the priorities of Justice minister Sergio Moro.


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Brazilians die in suspected gas leak in Chile

Six Brazilian tourists were found dead in Santiago, Chile, after inhaling a toxic gas. They were in a rented apartment in downtown Santiago, where they were on vacation. Preliminary investigations made by Chilean firefighters indicate a heater leaked carbon monoxide, an odorless gas. The building and the street were evacuated. The victims, a family of four and two other relatives, tried to call family members and the Brazilian consulate, but by the time the paramedics arrived they were already dead.


What is MMS and why are parents giving chlorine to children with autism

Recently there has been an increasing number of reports on parents who are giving chlorine dioxide to children who have autism, orally or rectally. The substance, known as MMS – Miracle Mineral Supplement –present in cleaning products such as bleach, is highly corrosive and may cause severe damage in the internal organs. “The combination is explosive and fatal,” said pediatric neurologist Antônio Carlos de Farias. The self-proclaimed discoverer of the substance, Jim Humble, claims to have cured one friend of malaria during an expedition to the Amazon, and later founded a health and healing church called Genesis II.


Preacher gives bleach to 50 thousand church members

A US preacher was accused of distributing a poisonous “miracle drink” to thousands of Ugandans, including babies. Robert Baldwin, the founder of a nonprofit Christian organization located in New Jersey, offered a “miracle cure” for cancer, malaria, and AIDS to nearly 50 thousand followers. The US embassy in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, condemned the distribution of the substance; meanwhile, the preacher, who denies the accusations, shut down his social media accounts and his website.


Congress reacts to STF’s plans of criminalizing homophobia

One day before the resumption of the Federal Supreme Court trial on the criminalization of homophobia and transphobia, the National Congress reacted to the court’s intentions. Four justices have already voted to making discrimination against homosexuals and transgender people a crime equivalent to racism, acknowledging the legislative’s omission of their duty to protect the LGBT population. Several members of parliament presented bills defending the right of religious organizations to condemn homosexual behaviors, based on the freedom of speech and religion defended by the Constitution.


Homicides fall by 27 percent during Bolsonaro’s administration

The fight against crime was one of Justice and Public Safety minister Sergio Moro’s priorities when he was appointed by president Jair Bolsonaro. Indicators have shown a significant decrease in crime incidents in the first months of 2019, compared to the same period last year. The minister hopes these figures will continue to drop in the following months. According to experts, more focused actions by state police forces are the main cause of this reduction in violent crimes.


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