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Tue 23
Death of Yasmim Gabrielle, Raul Gil’s former child assistant, warns against depression

Death of Yasmim Gabrielle, Raul Gil’s former child assistant, warns against depression

Child singer Yasmim Gabrielle, known for her performances in Raul Gil’s TV show, died on Sunday (21), and web posts indicate suicide

“Depression is a disease that is killing our children.” This was the warning given by musical producer Raul Gil Junior on Sunday (21) as he expressed his sorrow over the death of 17-year-old child singer Yasmim Gabrielle Amaral. “Unfortunately, this morning we lost our Yasmim,” he wrote on his Instagram page.

Yasmim became known nationwide for her musical performances in SBT’s Programa Raul Gil, and for her spontaneous way of answering the questions of “grandpa Raul” – as she called the show’s host.

The girl became very famous, worked as the show’s TV host, and captivated the audience. Her last nationwide performance happened in 2017, when she sang once again at Programa Raul Gil and remembered her performances as a child. In that same show, she talked about the death of her mother and her 23-year-old brother, victims of cancer.

In the show, the girl said she was studying, living with her father in the city of Santa Isabel, SP, and dreamt of studying Medicine. However, months later she faced a bout of depression, and several comments made by friends and relatives on her social media this weekend indicate that the teenager committed suicide due to the disease.

“This is called depression, it’s no joke, and the person is not looking for attention,” says one comment. “Only someone suffers from it or has already suffered knows what it is to have depression: a cursed disease, that arrives and destroys the person,” concluded another.

In 2017, when she turned 16, she posted a collage of photos of her appearances on SBT. “When I realized, those days were gone and, suddenly, my childhood was over. My fears? Well, I face some of them every day. The question is that life goes by in a matter of seconds. Yesterday I was afraid of falling down from my bike and getting hurt, now I am afraid of people. And I get hurt all the time. Now I only ask for health, peace, protection, and happiness in my life. And may the hardships come, because I may not be completely ready, but I swear I will survive them,” wrote the young girl at the time.

The disease

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of cases of depression rose by 18 percent in ten years, and until 2020 will be the most incapacitating disease on the planet. Brazil is the leading country in number of cases in Latin America, with almost 6 percent of its population – a total of 11.5 million people – suffering from the disease, according to WHO.

This doesn’t mean that all people who feel sadness a few hours of the day suffer from this condition. However, if the feeling bothering someone is a “pain of existing”, which takes a long time to go away and brings with it a lack of will to do daily chores, and – in extreme situations – even a lack of will to live, it is necessary to seek the help of a psychotherapist.

The psychologist will ask a series of questions about the person’s physical and emotional state, and he or she will have the opportunity of discussing the situations that cause anxiety, without making any judgments. In some cases, the therapist may also recommend the supervision of a psychiatrist, who will prescribe the use of specific medications to reduce anxiety.

Seek help

At the beginning of this year, for instance, 24-year-old singer Justin Bieber also admitted suffering from depression, and sought help. According to statements made by sources close to the boy to US magazine People, the singer focused on improving his mental health, and used therapy to do it. Despite being “very happy” in his relationship with 22-year-old model Hailey Baldwin, Bieber was allegedly “worn-out and tired”.

People who are undergoing such difficulties and cannot talk to friends and relatives may also seek CVV (Centro de Valorização da Vida, “Life Appreciation Center”) through the telephone number 188. The number can be reached throughout the whole Brazilian territory, and its volunteers are available 24 hours a day to provide emotional support and prevent suicides.