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Do you often feel sleepy at work? Here are seven reasons which might explain your fatigue

Do you often feel sleepy at work? Here are seven reasons which might explain your fatigue

It seems so normal to feel sleepy all the time. But it isn’t! Too much somnolence may have serious consequences for your health. Find out

End of holidays, back to the work routine, and it’s back: sleepiness during the day. Just take a look around, and see how tired people are. Someone takes a nap during the bus ride, a colleague sighs during a meeting, a student snores in the classroom, and the coffee counter is always crowded. It seems normal to feel so sleepy all the time. But it isn’t!

Excessive somnolence may have serious consequences. Lisa Shives, a sleep doctor at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, says that the main problem today is the limitation imposed on sleep due to the excess of work. “People are working too much, and, therefore, limit their sleep to six hours, while they should be sleeping seven or eight,” she points out.

If you have problems staying awake, suffer due to excessive daily somnolence, naps easily or have difficulty focusing, you may ask yourself: why am I so sleepy?

Lack of sleep maintenance

The most common – and obvious – cause of feeling too sleepy is lack of sleep itself. Perhaps you don’t know how much you need to sleep for your body to rest, but you should be aware that it has a lot to do with your age. In general terms, the older you get, the less sleep you need. However, it’s not only about time – routine, in this case, is very important, as well as the environment, which should be adequate for the sleep.

Sleep apnea

Many people don’t know, but apnea – a condition in which you repeatedly stop breathing while you sleep – can greatly harm the quality of your sleep. And you don’t even realize it! Are you going to bed early, but still feel exhausted during the day? As well as loud snoring, the shortness of breath – which could happen tens of times throughout the night – fragments your sleep. By causing you to wake up over and over, it forces you to remain in the lighter stages of sleep, compromising your rest.


It is a disorder characterized by excessive somnolence and frequent bouts of sleep throughout the day. What does it mean? The person simply goes to sleep! The most typical symptom is cataplexy, a sudden loss of muscle tone with an emotional stimulus, such as surprise or laughter. Narcolepsy is a serious matter, it may cause accidents – the person with this disorder may fall asleep while driving a car, for instance – and it requires medical treatment.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is another condition which may cause you to feel drowsy. It is marked by a persistent and unexplained state of exhaustion, associated with frequent muscle and joint aches. Even though the cause of this syndrome is not completely known, it may leave you unable to manage your daily activities. There is no quick solution, but many people can benefit from changes in their routines.

Food intolerance

Whatever you eat may make you more tired. It may seem crazy, but it isn’t! If you realize that you get more sleepy, and more tired, after eating certain things, you may have some form of food intolerance. Talk to your doctor about a supervised diet, so you can watch out if removing certain things from your diet will make you feel better.

Restless Leg Syndrome

Another disorder which can impair your rest, it causes excessive movements during sleep, and may make you feel extremely tired the next day. It is characterized by an uncomfortable feeling in the legs, associated with the need to move them, often during the night. It is also associated with the Periodic Limb Movement Disorder – sudden movements that happen during sleep. There are effective treatments for these conditions.

Circadian Rhythm Disorders

For those who don’t know, the circadian rhythm is the body’s natural clock, which helps to coordinate its biological activities, regardless of the presence – or lack thereof – of external factors. If it’s deregulated, you may feel sleepy at the wrong time. It often affects people who travel for destinations with a great time zone difference.



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