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Tue 22
Flávio Bolsonaro hired militia boss’s mother and wife at Alerj

Flávio Bolsonaro hired militia boss’s mother and wife at Alerj

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The plot thickens—or so it seems. According to an article published by O Globo, the senator-elect Flávio Bolsonaro hired the mother and the wife of the militia boss Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega. Nóbrega is suspected of involvement in the murder of the councilwoman Marielle Franco. The Brazilian Senate, of which Flávio Bolsonaro will take part as of February 1st, is indeed a complex place. In a surprising turn of events, Senator Renan Calheiros has decided to give up the run for Senate presidency, which benefits Senator Simone Tebet. Also on the Senate, somebody mysteriously got rid of office number 24 because of the number’s association with homosexuals in popular culture. It may seem like a conspiracy, but that #10yearchallenge meme you enjoyed so much may be used to train artificial intelligence systems. And the Academy has just announced the Oscar nominees.

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Flávio Bolsonaro hired militia boss’s mother and wife at Alerj

Captain Adriano Magalhães da Nóbrega’s mother and wife were hired by Flávio Bolsonaro while he was serving as a state representative in Rio de Janeiro. Nóbrega is considered by the Prosecution Office the boss of the so-called “Crime’s Office,” a militia suspected of involvement in the murder of the councilwoman Marielle Franco. Nóbrega is friends with Fabrício Queiroz, former assistant to Flávio Bolsonaro, supposedly involved in uncommon financial movements.


Renan Calheiros gives up and Simone Tebet may become Senate’s president

The tireless and controversial Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB) announced yesterday that he would not try another term as president of the Brazilian Senate. Later, Simone Tebet, also from the MDB, confirmed that she will run for the office. This way, the party may keep control of the Senate. The election will be carried out on February 1st, and although it is free and democratic, traditionally, the largest party occupies the presidency.


Institutionalizing prejudice, Brazilian Senate abolishes Office 24

Somebody walking along the Senate’s main corridor will stumble upon a not-so-simple arithmetic deficiency: after office number 23, comes office number 25. The explanation is as obvious as embarrassing. In Brazil, the number 24 is associated with the deer in Jogo do Bicho (Animals’ Game), and “deer” translates into “veado,” a Brazilian derogatory word for “homosexual.” There’s no record of who is to be held responsible for the ridiculous measure.


#10yearchallenge meme may be used to train artificial intelligence systems

The success of the #10yearchallenge may hide a dark technological truth. Theoretically just a harmless meme, specialists suspect that the challenge may be used by companies such as Facebook to train facial recognition algorithms to recognize aging patterns. Facebook denies any involvement with the meme—nor the conspiracy. Not everything about this is dark, though. Facial recognition algorithms may be used to find missing children, for example.


“Roma” and “The Favourite” lead Oscar nominations with ten each

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for the 91st Academy Awards early today. As usual, the list for Best Picture is controversial. “Roma,” a Netflix production, and “The Favourite” received ten nominations each. “Black Panther” made history for being the first superhero film to be nominated for Best Picture. The Oscar ceremony will be held on February 24th.


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