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Thu 16
Former president Temer is released from jail

Former president Temer is released from jail

May 16th, 2019.


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Ex-president Michel Temer is released from jail, after being arrested preventively. The court in charge of the case ruled that he fulfilled all the necessary requirements to wait for his trial in freedom. As protests rocked the country, Education minister Abraham Weintraub defended in Congress the need for the cuts in higher education budget, facing strong and vocal opposition. Bolsonaro’s senator son, Flávio, is being accused of obtaining profits of up to R$ 3 million in real estate transactions, as well as money laundering. In the meantime, President Jair Bolsonaro traveled to Dallas, Texas, where he received his ‘Person of the Year’ award from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce, and met with former US president George W. Bush. Finally, the Easter Island’s moai, a World Heritage Treasure, are facing the risk of disappearing due to the action of lichens, and a project by an Italian institute is about to be implemented to save them.


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Former president Temer is released from jail

The Superior Court of Justice’s Sixth Panel decided to release ex-president Michel Temer, arrested preventively after a decision made by the Federal Regional Court 2nd Appellate Court last Wednesday. The prevailing argument maintained that there were no facts proving the need to keep Temer in jail. He will have to fulfill other provisional measures, such as surrendering his passport, not changing address, and having his assets frozen.


Education minister puts the blame on previous administrations

In a session which lasted for more than six hours in the Lower House of Congress, while protests hit all major Brazilian cities, Education m

inister Abraham Weintraub defended the need to cut five percent of the budget of his ministry, arguing that he needed a larger cash inflow before being able to afford any further investments. Weintraub was harassed by members of parliament and blamed the economic situation on the previous administrations of Lula da Silva and Dilma Rousseff, both belonging to the Workers’ Party.


Bolsonaro’s son is accused of money laundering

One day after the disclosure of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro’s tax records, as well as those of his “sidekick”, Fabrício Queiroz, a document obtained by Veja magazine shows that between 2010 and 2017 the president’s son profited over R$ 3 million in real estate transactions, and invested R$ 9.4 million in the purchase of 19 properties. The investigation request was being kept under secrecy by the Prosecutor’s Office, but had been authorized on April 24th by a Rio de Janeiro court.


Bolsonaro meets with former US President George W. Bush

President Jair Bolsonaro met with former US President George W. Bush during his brief stay in Dallas yesterday, where he received his ‘Person of the Year’ award from the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce. The politicians discussed a possible return to power of former Argentinian president Cristina Kirchner, which Bolsonaro claimed would be detrimental to the relationship between both countries. The Brazilian president broke the usual protocol and left his official car in order to walk to Mr. Bush’s office, where they remained for about one hour.


Easter Island’s moai may disappear

Easter Island’s famous moai, huge statues built by the people who inhabited the Chilean territory, are under serious risk. Lichens have caused holes and cracks which are becoming more frequent and have begun to affect their structure. Italy’s Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute has come up with a way of saving the huge stone structures, and the project has been presented to Chile’s Culture, Art and Heritage Minister, Consuelo Chadwick. If approved, restoration works may begin in September.


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