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Future home: five innovative products of the world’s biggest hi-tech fair

Future home: five innovative products of the world’s biggest hi-tech fair

New products range from cat sandboxes to residential plumbing. Held in the United States, CES receives exhibitors from all over the world, with novelties to be used at home

Luciane Belin

The US city of Las Vegas held from January 8 to 11 one of the world’s most important technological events: the Consumer Technology Association (CES) fair, which presents technological innovations for all sorts of uses, and displays the newest products in segments such as artificial intelligence, smart objects, and Internet of Things.

Among the 4.5 thousand or more companies displaying their products and ideas, many dedicate themselves to innovations for homes and the future of cities. CES’s principle is that houses are getting smarter, and so the fair’s major attraction in this segment is displayed under the smart home tag. The central idea of this concept is that you will be able to control basically everything that’s inside your front door using your smartphone – from your cat’s sandbox to the plumbing of your residence.

We’ve described some of the innovative products and Technologies presented at CES 2019 which are – or might, in the future, come in handy in your daily life.

Intelligent plumbing

A hydraulic system which allows the surveillance of the residence’s hydraulic system through smartphones. FlowboxInteractive, created by Flovea, is a device which integrates pipes and other equipment used for the water flow, designed so that every data concerning this resource are available at the tip of the user’s fingertip.

It enables water measurement and temperature control, as well as its quality and consumption levels. With Flowbox, it is also possible to check for leaks or possible contamination levels. The novelty was developed by Flovea in France, where it is already on sale.

iKuddle sandbox

Presented by Kai Deng International Industrial, iKuddle is a solution which is every pet-lover’s dream: a self-cleaning sandbox. Developed to be paired with a cell phone app, iKuddle has as its main attraction the fact that it is practically a decorative object, but one that can also serve as a toilet for your cat or dog.

It has a self-cleaning system, complete with deodorizer which, through installed sensors, identifies when it needs to be cleaned and remove the animal’s feces, while keeping the environment perfumed by isolating the odors. It is possible to program the removal of the packages through a timer, or activate it through the app. iKuddle then wraps the dejecta and replaces the package for a new one.

The iKuddle was presented officially at CES and will be on sale in the United States after February 1. The global launch for worldwide sales is forecast for May this year. It costs 299 dollars, approximately R$ 1,104.27.

Autonomous sprinklers

If you’re one of those who always forget to water your garden, the solution so that your neighbor’s grass is never greener may come from a Texas startup, Sprinkl.

The company compiled recent technologies and residential automation approaches in machinelearning [a technology in which the equipment “learns” through uses and practices] in the creation of a fully automatized sprinkler system, which uses data such as humidity levels in the soil, in real time, to use water efficiently, removing all the need for human intervention in the process other than installing the apparatus.

SprinklControl SR-400, which acts through Alexa — Amazon’s artificial intelligence software, costs 225 dollars. For it to become independent of human programming and supervision, however, it needs to act conjointly with SenseSR 100, which costs an extra 45 dollars.

Sales are done straight in the company’s website or via Amazon.

Automatically folding clothes

Californian company Foldimate has been trying for some time to develop a machine capable of folding clothes. After displaying a simpler prototype last year, this year the company showed its final version in the 2019 CES.

The folder may even be mistaken for a large printer, due to its colors and its rectangular shape. It works like that: clothes are placed in an opening in the overhead part, fixed by two supporters, and then slid into the machine. The piece of clothing comes out, folded, from the lower opening, ready to be stored.

The new machine has been adjusted to recognize clothes of different sizes. The automated system is capable of folding 25 items of clothing in five minutes, according to Foldimate.

The machine will be sold after the second semester of 2019, with no official date defined, but it is already possible to place your name in a waiting list.

iOBED bed with body sensors

Why adjust your position in bed if you can have a bed that adjusts itself to you? Another innovation displayed in CES 2019 is iOBED, with the Body Sensor Technology which adjusts the bed to the shape, height, and weight of the body of every individual.

The technology constantly monitors and adjusts itself to the sleeping position of each individual, to ensure adequate support and pressure relief, to provide a perfect night of rest. Each mattress incorporates eighty individual air cells and eight controlled zones which operate independently, from head to toe. In order to cater to different sleeping preferences, iOBED has developed five firmness configurations, to adjust itself to the sleeping needs of everyone.

Even though ErgomotionIntelligence’s products are available in over 30 countries, the brand’s products are not yet available in Brazil. With iOBED’s launch, however, the company is looking to widen their reach. It is possible to follow the company’s news on their website.



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