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Tue 21
Gun company claims Bolsonaro’s decree will allow the sale of rifles

Gun company claims Bolsonaro’s decree will allow the sale of rifles

May 21st, 2019.


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Brazilian gun manufacturer Taurus is claiming the decree signed by president Bolsonaro will allow customers to purchase semiautomatic rifles, and expects to sell two thousand of them. The President’s Chief of Staff, however, denied it. Brazilian billionaire moves to Roraima in order to welcome and provide aid to Venezuelan refugees. US company Amazon is sentenced to disclose information on a hacker who broke into the Alexa device of a Brazilian customer; the woman wants to sue the hacker, claiming he caused her severe embarrassment and distress. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s chain of restaurants in the UK is in severe danger of shutting down, after he filed for bankruptcy and they are now under the administration of an auditing company. In China, vice-president Hamilton Mourão defended economic liberalization and privatizations in a six-minute speech in English at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Brazil’s adhesion to the New Silk Road project.


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Gun company claims Bolsonaro’s decree will allow the sale of rifles

Brazilian gun manufacturer Taurus is claiming the decree sanctioned by president Jair Bolsonaro will also allow customers to purchase a rifle, the semiautomatic 5.56 mm caliber T4. In an interview on Globo TV, the company claims they have two thousand customers on a waiting list, and are merely waiting for the regulation to be made effective to begin sales. The government’s Chief of Staff, however, claimed that the weapon is restricted, and the decree will not allow it to be sold to the general public.


Brazilian billionaire moves to Roraima to welcome Venezuelans

62-year-old Carlos Wizard Martins has recently left his home in Campinas, São Paulo, and moved with his wife to Boa Vista, capital of the state of Roraima. There, he dedicates himself to welcoming and aiding Venezuelan refugees, fleeing the criminal regime of dictator Nicolás Maduro. Wizard, who manages a group that controls over 20 companies, such as Pizza Hut and KFC, recently entered the list of billionaires compiled by Forbes magazine, with an estimated fortune of R$ 2.4 billion.


Amazon is sentenced to disclose information on user who hacked Alexa in Brazil

US company Amazon has been convicted by the courts, and sentenced to disclose the personal information of a hacker who allegedly broke into one of its Alexa devices. The incident happened while a Brazilian customer who had the device went away on a trip, and the hacker forced it to emit a series of loud moans for more than 24 hours. Claiming severe embarrassment and distress, the customer wants the information on the hacker so she can sue him. Amazon has 30 days to disclose the information, or face a daily fine of R$ 500.


Jamie Oliver’s restaurants at risk of shutting down

Restaurants owned by TV celebrity chef Jamie Oliver in the United Kingdom are at risk of having to shut down due to a severe financial crisis. The information was disclosed by The Guardian and confirmed by Oliver himself on his social media accounts. His chain of 25 restaurants filed for bankruptcy and went into administration by auditing company KPMG. 23 of them risk being closed permanently. Oliver put the blame on the severe competition with informal restaurants, and the devaluation of the pound caused by Brexit.


In China, Mourão tries to please investors

During his official trip to China, vice-president Hamilton Mourão made a speech at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, where he defended economic liberalization to sort out Brazil’s financial situation. The vice-president spoke in English for six minutes on issues such as reforming the fiscal system, privatizations, and energy and infrastructure public concessions. Mourão signaled that Brazil may adhere to the New Silk Road, a multimillion-dollar initiative which is the main project of Xi Jianping’s government.