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Tue 28
How a Social Science scholarship recipient made Brazil a reference in Italy

How a Social Science scholarship recipient made Brazil a reference in Italy

May 28th, 2019.


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A Brazilian Social Sciences scholarship student made Brazil a reference in Italy, after her doctorate thesis had received an award by the European Union. A Minas Gerais judge decreed that Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, who stabbed president Jair Bolsonaro during his campaign in September 2018, is mentally ill, and should be sent to a mental institution. In a secret operation in São Paulo, three PCC leaders will be sent to federal penitentiaries, in an attempt to curb the power of the criminal organization and stop them from conducting their activities from within state prisons. Brazil has presented a petition to the UN requesting to increase its jurisdictional waters to include the so-called ‘Blue Amazon’, an area filled with mineral resources near the country’s shores. Finally, ex-congressman Carli Filho, who became notorious after driving under the influence and causing a car accident which killed two young men, has been ordered by an appellate judge to turn himself in and begin to serve his seven-year sentence.


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How a Social Science scholarship recipient made Brazil a reference in Italy

A young Brazilian who received a scholarship grant to study Social Sciences in Italy made Brazil a reference in that country. Federal University of Santa Catarina graduate Aline Beltrão de Moura received a scholarship grant for her doctorate in the University of Milan, where she presented a thesis analyzing the common citizenship implemented in the European Union and projecting its use in Mercosur countries. Her work was chosen as the best international law thesis in a European country, and her Santa Catarina alma mater was chosen by the EU to act as a reference unit in researching themes regarding the integration of European countries.


Author of the attack against Bolsonaro is mentally ill, says judge

Bruno Savino, judge of Juiz de Fora 3rd Federal Court, in Minas Gerais, has reached the conclusion that Adélio Bispo de Oliveira, responsible for stabbing then-presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro in September 2018, is mentally ill: he suffers from a condition known as persistent delirium. He based his decision on reports requested by the defense team from private doctors which were later confirmed by an official inquiry. Adélio is now considered criminally incapable, and should be sent to a mental institution.


PCC bosses are sent to federal penitentiaries

In a secret operation, São Paulo state government transferred to federal penitentiaries three inmates who had taken over as heads of the First Command of the Capital, PCC, the most powerful criminal organization in the state. The three criminals had been appointed after the leader of the group, Marco Willians Camacho, a.k.a. Marcola, had been sent to a federal prison in Brasília. The objective is to curb the group’s leadership, preventing it from planning criminal actions from within São Paulo state jails.


What is the ‘Blue Amazon’ claimed by Brazil?

The Brazilian government wants to increase in 2.1 million square kilometers – an area the size of Greenland – its national territory in the Atlantic Ocean. This stretch of jurisdictional waters, known as ‘Blue Amazon’, was presented by Brazil to the United Nations’ Commission on the Limits of Continental Shelf. If the request is accepted, the country will be entitled to navigate and exploit the mineral riches in the ocean soil and subsoil. According to Brazilian Navy Admiral Sérgio Guida, secretary of the Interministerial Commission on Resources for the Sea, the Atlantic Ocean contains a treasure in minerals and chemical resources which are scarce on land.


Former congressman who killed two in traffic accident must turn himself in

A new decision by appellate judge Clayton Camargo has determined that ex-state congressman Luiz Fernando Ribas Carli Filho has until tonight to turn himself in to the Guarapuava Penal Executions Court, where he will remain detained until beginning to serve his sentence. Carli Filho was sentenced to seven years, four months and twenty days in semi-open regime after a shocking car accident in May 2009, in Curitiba, which killed two young men. The former congressman was drunk at the time and driving over the speed limit.


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