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Tue 02
It’s Paulo Freire’s fault

It’s Paulo Freire’s fault

He had plenty of time to destroy the Brazilian education and, along with education, Brazilian politics

Gustavo Nogy

Paulo Freire was born in 1921 and died in 1997. He had plenty of time to destroy the Brazilian education and, along with education, Brazilian politics.

His nefarious influence corroded the education of two, three generations. We don’t study Portuguese or Mathematics, Geography or History, Biology, and Chemistry. It’s all his fault.

We study ideology, ideology, ideology.

We must exorcize Paulo Freire once and for all, throw him to the see, stab him with a wooden stake, shoot him with a silver bullet, before we lose for good the ability to understand basic concepts and make fundamental distinctions, such as dictatorship and democracy, authoritarianism and freedom, civilization and barbarism, press and censorship.

Take a look at Eduardo Bolsonaro, he is an eloquent example.

Eduardo Bolsonaro can only be the result of an unprecedented educational calamity. He is a victim of the context he so often denounces. Eduardo deserves a quota to be a part of the polis, because the express course in liberalism seems not to have worked. Only that can explain his inability to understand the ABC of civilized life: a dictatorship is a dictatorship, a democracy is a democracy. Dictatorships can never be justified; it is a phenomenon that can be studied and understood contextually, but never praised or justified in itself.

What are the trustworthy sources of His Excellency to say that “those were the good days”? Our grandparents and parents.

In this weird version of the rescue of the high culture of a country, the ignorance of our grandparents and parents has become an unavoidable bibliographical reference. It doesn’t matter if your grandfather was too busy watching the 1970 national soccer team, or if what your father really wanted was a job at Banco do Brasil. In the new age, every grandpa is a retroactive Simon Schama, every dad is an avant la lettre George Steiner.

The same grandpas and dads who later voted for Maluf, Collor, Lula, and Dilma.

For Bolsonaro.

Any historical revisionism can be made, it should never be stopped, as long as some premises are accepted. You may consider that a specific political event (for instance, the 1964 coup) was unavoidable. You may advance even further, and ponder that, more than unavoidable, perhaps it was really necessary (for instance, due to communism). However, you cannot redefine the meaning of the words and what they represent. What happened during those 21 years which followed that March 31 should never be praised or missed. Period.

Not period, colon: it seems that for Bolsonaro, it should.

The president confirmed his authorization for barracks to celebrate the date and blow the candles, singing the national anthem. I have no doubts that many members of today’s military turned up their noses at yesterday’s folly, but orders are orders.

That the Left is using the coup for political blackmailing, no one can deny. Here’s their tactic: everything which vaguely resembles the Right is accused of fascism by the Left. The problem is that the Right liked the character, and really wants to dress up like Mussolini.

The result is that right and left-wing authoritarians, retrogrades, and ignoramuses would rather look at the rear view mirror than at the road. One accuses the other of being that which the other takes pride in being, and all of them are satisfied with their respective roles. A classic is a classic, and vice-versa.

And who is truly fighting for a freer and less rancid country? Among those who are in charge, almost no one.

If we continue down this road, “Brazil will have a long past ahead”, as Millôr Fernandes used to say.

The communists are Paulo Freire’s fault. So are the anticommunists.