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Fri 05
MPF asks for Lula and an additional seven people to be imprisoned

MPF asks for Lula and an additional seven people to be imprisoned

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Fasten your seatbelts! The first round of the elections is almost over. Two days from now, Brazilians are going to start choosing their president, state governors, senators, and representatives. The dispute is fierce and not so attractive. Yesterday, the MPF petitioned for former president Lula and seven other people’s condemnation in another corruption case. The Worker’s Party, of course, complained about the timing. Also yesterday, voters watched the last presidential debate. Bolsonaro (PSL) was not present, allegedly because of his health. Both he and Fernando Haddad (PT) try their best to conquer voters. While Haddad speaks of God for the first time, Bolsonaro is endorsed by evangelicals. Politicians have two more reasons to pray these days: Palocci’s and Marcos Valério’s plea bargains. But not everything is chaos: a recent poll shows that 69% of Brazilians approve democracy.


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MPF asks for Lula and an additional seven people to be imprisoned

Former president Lula is already in jail for corruption and money laundering. He is supposed to spend at least the next twelve years behind bars. However, his situation can worsen. The Federal Prosecutor’s Office petitioned for Lula to be condemned once more, this time in the case involving a piece of land where the Lula Institute should’ve been built and an apartment in São Bernardo do Campo. Besides Lula, the MPF also asked for the sentencing of seven other people.


As the electoral curtains close, Haddad and Bolsonaro try to seduce last-minute voters

The first round campaign is almost over and the candidates show their cards. Fernando Haddad (PT) participated in the debate on Globo TV and mentioned God for the first time, in an attempt to curb Jair Bolsonaro’s (PSL) rise among evangelicals. Bolsonaro, on the other hand, attacked Lula again, saying that “he is reaping what he’s sown”, and at the same time praised people from the Northeast, where his disapproval rates are higher.


Evangelical Legislative Bloc announces its endorsement of Bolsonaro

As the scenery becomes clearer, the political powers start to re-arrange. Following the Farming Legislative Bloc, this time the Evangelical Legislative Bloc, currently with 199 representatives and four senators, has announced its support for the candidate Jair Bolsonaro (PSL). The head of the bloc, representative Hidekazu Takayama (PSC), said that the support is “a spiritual matter. It’s something above the parties. It’s a defense of the Christian family’s values.”


Palocci’s and Valérios’s plea bargains scare Brazilian political world

Two plea bargain statements promise to shake the troubled electoral and political scene in Brazil even more. Palocci’s defense team has affirmed that their client showed the authorities evidence of crimes committed for the financial interests of the country. Marcos Valério, sentenced to thirty-seven years in jail for his key involvement in the Mensalão scandal, also signed a much-awaited plea bargain, now validated by Justice Celso de Mello.


Finally good news: Brazilians approve democracy

A Datafolha poll released on Thursday shows that Brazilians do approve of democracy. Sixty-nine percent of voters said that a democratic regime is the best way to govern the country. This is the highest score of its kind since 1989. The number is twelve percentage points higher than the previous one, recorded in July. Twelve percent of the interviewees said that a dictatorship can be good under certain circumstances, and five percent said “whatever.”


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