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Thu 04
PSOL congressman will go to UFRJ to discuss “how to oppose Bolsonaro”

PSOL congressman will go to UFRJ to discuss “how to oppose Bolsonaro”

Only PSOL members will make up the “debate” table of the event

On Friday (5), the National Law School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (FND-UFRJ) will be holding an event called “É tempo de resistir” (“It’s time to resist”) to discuss “how to oppose Bolsonaro”. Marcelo Freixo, federal deputy from PSOL-RJ (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade), who will attend the “Calourada da Rua RJ 2019.1”, said on Twitter that it will consist of a “round table to discuss the organization and challenges faced by those who want to fight Bolsonaro’s government.” Only members of PSOL were invited for the “debate”; among them are Mariana Teodozio, an Education student at UFRJ and activist at RUA – Juventude Anticapitalista, and Wesley Teixeira, coordinator of Pré-Vestibular Popular + Nós and an Education student at FEBF-UERJ.

“The extreme right is becoming stronger in the country and in the world, as the 2018 election proved. They defend the disrespect of human rights, militarism, the destruction of the environment, hatred, the siege on freedom of speech and manifestation. And do you know why they are doing it? Because they are afraid of us!” says the description of the event on Facebook, which also calls the government “reactionary” and claims it has “no commitment with social, political, and human rights accomplishments.”


On Monday (1), the Liberal Social Party (PSL-RJ) notified UFRJ dean Roberto Leher about holding the event. “It must be said that it is widely known that the aforementioned UFRJ dean was, until a short while ago was an active member of PSOL, fully aligned to that party’s ideological and political partisan views,” says the document.

The notification continues, claiming “the event assumes the aspect of illegality due to the utilization of the public apparatus to favor a private entity which is a private party, going against the constitutional principle of impersonality, and, above all, with the scope of defenestrating the person of the President of the Republic.” Besides, the party claims Leher and deputy Marcelo Freixo are liable to answer for misconduct in public office.

In 2016, a preliminary injunction granted by judge Rafael Estrela Nóbrega suspended the event “Debate Juventude e Cidade com Marcelo Freixo” (“Debate on Youth and City with Marcelo Freixo”), scheduled to be held within the premises of UFRJ. All other guests of the “debate” were also members of PSOL.

At the time, Freixo was a candidate for mayor of Rio de Janeiro, and therefore was in violation of article 73 of the Electoral Law, which does not allow campaign acts to be held in public spaces such as universities.

Gazeta do Povo tried to reach UFRJ’s press office, which did not answer the request for a statement.

Dean choice

This week, students, employees, and professors will vote to select the institution’s new dean. The consultation will end on Wednesday (4), one day before the event “É tempo de resistir”.

Denise Pires de Carvalho, a professor at the Carlos Chagas Biophysics Institute, Oscar Rosa Mattos, of the Polytechnical School – the ticket supported by the current dean’s office, with ties to PSOL – and Roberto Bartholo, of the Alberto Luiz Coimbra Post-Graduation Institute and Engineering Research are running for the office of dean.