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Thu 30
Regina Duarte says she is being called a fascist for supporting Bolsonaro

Regina Duarte says she is being called a fascist for supporting Bolsonaro

May 30th, 2019.


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Famous Brazilian actress Regina Duarte denounced today she is being called a ‘fascist’ for standing up for president Jair Bolsonaro’s government. In New York, concrete benches have been set up to protect pedestrians against terrorist attacks, such as the one which happened in 2017. Injections used to control diabetes are increasingly being prescribed by doctors to patients who wish to lose weight, a controversial decision about which many nutrition experts have expressed their concern. In Nicaragua, the local press has denounced that several Cuban intelligence advisors have been operating in the country in order to help with the growing repression of local dictator Daniel Ortega. Finally, Education minister Abraham Weintraub has reported that several parents are accusing teachers of public schools of coercing their students to take part in anti-government protests.


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Regina Duarte says she is being called a fascist for supporting Bolsonaro

72-year-old Brazilian actress Regina Duarte said she is being called a fascist for supporting president Jair Bolsonaro. She made a parallel between this situation and what happened in 2002, when she caused controversy by stating in an electoral ad that she feared the rise to power of the Workers’ Party, PT. “In 2002 I was called a terrorist, and now I am being called a fascist. How intolerant is that?”, she said during an interview to journalist Pedro Bial on his talk show. The actress had a very successful career for decades in Globo TV, starring in several soap operas and miniseries.


Times Square installs anti-terror concrete benches

Concrete benches are the new feature of the landscape of New York’s Times Square. Designed by local designer Joe Doucet, the Rely benches will not only serve as a resting place for pedestrians strolling around the place, but also as a barrier to protect them from vehicle-ramming attacks, such as the one which happened in 2017. Each bench weighs around one ton and is attached to the others via steel rods. They were inaugurated during the 2019 edition of the NYCxDesign festival, which happened in mid-May.


Injection used to control diabetes has been used for weight-loss purposes

A medication for diabetes has been increasingly prescribed by nutrition doctors to help their patients lose weight. Liraglutide is an active compound used to treat type-2 diabetes, given by daily injections. It mimics the GLP-1 hormone, secreted by the intestine after the ingestion of food, reducing the feeling of hunger and causing satiety. Doctors warn, however, that it should only be used if a hypocaloric diet and physical exercises are not being enough to reduce weight. “People look for magical diets, medications, and surgeries, but there is no such thing. Looking for a shortcut to losing weight is not a good path,” said a representative of the Brazilian Association of Nutrology.


At least 200 Cuban ‘intelligence advisors’ are operating in Nicaragua

Around 200 Cuban intelligence advisors have been operating along with the government of Nicaraguan dictator Daniel Ortega. These “advisors” are members of the country’s State Security Direction, take orders from the Cuban Ministry of Interior, and have diplomatic passports. Their mission is to train members of the Nicaraguan security forces. According to the local press, they have been operating in Nicaragua since 2007, when Ortega rose to power, but their presence increased after the 2018 protests against the dictator. They have been accused of torture and severe human rights violations.


MEC says teachers coerced students to take part in manifestations

According to Education minister Abraham Weintraub, teachers of public schools have been coercing students to take part in the manifestations being held throughout the country today. In a tweet, he said his ministry received “letters and messages from many concerned parents” denouncing the situation. Labor unions who have summoned today’s protests claimed that, as well as “defending education” against budget cuts, the acts are meant to oppose the social security reform.