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Mon 20
The STF is shameful – that’s something you don’t want to say

The STF is shameful – that’s something you don’t want to say

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The Supreme Federal Court is shameful – that’s something you don’t want to say if, according to the Justice Ricardo Lewandowski, you are to remain free. That’s what he taught us when he ordered a lawyer to be arrested only for speaking his mind aboard a flight. Despite some old habits, the winds of change seem to be blowing over Brasília. Some representatives and senators have abandoned old political practices while hiring assistants. We appreciate the effort, even more if it eventually helps to improve the lives of almost fifty-five million people who live in extreme poverty in Brazil. In the United States, authorities recall raw beef products due to a salmonella outbreak. Back in Brazil, a woman gives birth to a healthy girl after receiving a uterus from a deceased donor.


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The STF is shameful – that’s something you don’t want to say

The Federal Police are going to investigate the quarrel between Justice Ricardo Lewandowski and the lawyer Cristiano Caiado de Acioli aboard a flight yesterday. The lawyer said that the STF is shameful and the Justice ordered him to be arrested. He was! Later, Justice Lewandowski released a shameful note where he says that he had felt a need, an urge to do something – anything! – in order to protect the honorable STF from a potential “act of insult.”


Deputies and senators use more professional methods to select their assistants

Winds of change? Some representatives and senators have launched selection processes to hire assistants to work in their offices. Historically, these posts have been filled only through political influence. One of the representatives who has adhered to the more professional method, Tiago Mitraoud (New-MG), has compared it with “building a private company.” At the House, each representative can employ up to twenty-five people. At the Senate, fifty.


One in four Brazilians lives in extremely poor conditions, according to the World Bank

Despite all the official propaganda, poverty is still a reality in Brazil. According to new data released by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), one in four Brazilians lives in extreme poverty. It amounts to almost fifty-five million people. From just the year 2016 to 2017, two million more people have entered this unfortunate group. For the World Bank, a person is considered extremely poor if he or she earns less than R$406 a month.


Salmonella outbreak in the US leads to a twelve million pound recall of raw beef

An outbreak of salmonella in the United States led authorities to recall twelve million pounds (roughly 5.5 thousand tons) of raw beef products. All over the country, hundreds of people reported ill, presumably from salmonella infection. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cases have been reported in at least twenty-five states. Among the brands affected is the Brazilian multinational JBS.


Woman gives birth after receiving a uterus transplanted from a deceased donor

For the first time ever, a baby was born to a woman who had received a uterus from a deceased donor. And this happened in São Paulo. There are cases of children who were born to women with uteri transplanted from a living relative, but from a deceased donor, it’s definitely the first. The recipient had been born without a uterus and was thirty-two at the time of the transplant, only two years ago. She gave birth to a healthy girl on December 15th, 2017. The scientific feat has been announced just now, after being published in a specialized periodical.


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