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Fri 22
Tickets for the Sandy & Junior concert are being sold for R$ 1.2 thousand in the parallel market

Tickets for the Sandy & Junior concert are being sold for R$ 1.2 thousand in the parallel market

As tickets for the Nossa História (“Our History”) tour have sold out in a few hours, virtual scalpers are charging high prices

Sandro Moser

The great demand for tickets for the Sandy & Junior reunion tour made the Curitiba show – as well as in six other capitals around the country – sell out in a few hours.

Therefore, the price of tickets sold in the parallel market surged. In some cases, floor tickets are being sold for R$ 1.2 thousand, more than 10 times the original price (R$ 180). The price was checked on Friday (22) morning at the StubHub website, which focuses on reselling tickets.

In groups and events of the concert on social media a parallel market has also been created, where tickets reached up to R$ 2 thousand. Many fans complained about the price of the tickets. In Curitiba, official tickets were sold at prices which varied from R$ 90 (half-price, floor) to R$ 320 (full-price, premium floor, and box).

Even if many fans, frustrated for not being able to obtain their tickets, are tempted to buy at such princes, in these cases the authorities usually recommend customers to avoid buying from these sources.

This is why “virtual scalpers” are often not people, but computer program (bots) designed to buy tickets at a high speed.

Tickets bought in these channels have no guarantee of being delivered, and the police or the courts cannot help in ensuring the legality of the purchase.

The practice of reselling tickets for a price higher than what the event was charging is considered a crime against popular economy by the Brazilian Penal Code, and is liable to a jail sentence which varies from six months to two years.



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