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Wed 27
USP law professor praises military dictatorship and students protest

USP law professor praises military dictatorship and students protest

This is the second time Eduardo Gualazzi, associate professor of the Law School, is targeted by demonstrations from the academic community

For the second time, Eduardo Lobo Botelho Gualazzi, associate professor of the USP School of Law, sparked outrage among the academic community after making controversial statements in his classes. In 2014, in an exposition entitled “Salute to 1964”, Gualazzi praised Brazil’s dictatorial regime. This time, in a document handed to his class on Monday (25), the professor reiterated his support to the military dictatorship and criticized harshly left-wing “anti-capitalists”.

“I affirm, reaffirm and reiterate the whole content of my Salute to 1964 class, held on March 31, 2014”, begins the professor’s text, which also states that it is “any aggroupment, casual or intentional, transitory or not, clandestine or ostensive, of perverted men and women, overburdened by the stigma of an objective/subjective behavior of a deviating profile, in disagreement with that ideal standard of ‘conjugal family’ constituted by the union of a man and a woman, is a mere aberration.” “If anyone has any doubts, simply consult the human species!”, he concluded.

The press office of the Faculty said it could not make any statements because its director, Floriano Peixoto de Azevedo Marques Neto, is currently on vacation.

Regarding Gualazzi’s attitude, the law school’s student union, Centro Acadêmico XI de Agosto, released a note repudiating the professor’s statements. Here is the full text of their statement:


The August XI Academic Center comes forward in order to repudiate the statements made in writing by the Associate Professor of the University of São Paulo School of Law, Eduardo Lobo Botelho Gualazzi, in a document handed to students who were attended a class on February 25, 2019, in his discipline “Interdisciplinary Administrative Law”, in which he reaffirmed his positions in favor of the Military Dictatorship, calls poor people an “eternal minority of the underworld who refused to work and produce any good,” calls the Left “social minorities made up of energumens,” and maintains thate LGBT groups “(…) are not families, but a mere aberration,” made up of “perverted men and women”, adding that the union between two people should consist only of “women/men of the same ethnicity,” having also, in that document, declared his vote for Jair Bolsonaro, a man who, during his presidential campaign, endorsed hate speech towards historically marginalized groups such as women, LGBT people, as well as black and indigenous men and women.

By reaffirming his statements regarding the civilian-military dictatorship, Eduardo Gualazzi ignores completely that the 1964 coup represented a stain in the history of Brazilian democracy, as well as a milestone of ideological repression and the subsequent persecution, torture, and the death of several Brazilians who opposed that regime.

By calling poor people an “eternal minority of the underworld who refuse to work and produce any good,” the professor also ignores the colonial past of exploitation in Brazil, erected around the social inequality and structural racism built during over three centuries of slavery, which perpetuates to this day colossal class differences in the Brazilian society.

Besides, he calls left-wing militants “energumens” and “rabble-rousers and terrorists,” a discourse currently being reproduced by those who aim at criminalizing left-wing ideological positions in the country.

He reaffirms the hate speech towards the Brazilian LGBT population, with outdated ideas that these people are “anomalies”, “aberrations” and “perverted men and women”, ignoring that Brazil is currently the country which kills most LGBT people in the world.

Another absurdity found in the professor’s text is the claim that couples should only be made up of one man and one woman of the same ethnicity, in a clear demonstration of racism which dates back to the darkest eras of our country, in which pseudo-scientific ideologies were used to justify segregation, under the pretext of altering the racial “quality” of the population.

The use of excerpts of Jair Bolsonaro’s discourse to reiterate his homophobic and racist points of view is another demonstration that Bolsonaro’s election to the Presidency of the Republic represented the legitimation of positions against Brazil’s social minorities, reaffirming his anti-democratic and anti-people discourse.

This is why August XI Academic Center of the University of São Paulo School of Law, which has always stood in defense of democracy and human rights, manning the trenches in order to defend Brazilian social minorities (the poor, women, blacks and LGBTs) comes forward to repudiate the statements made by Professor Eduardo Gualazzi. We also inform that a public position will be demanded from the University of São Paulo School of Law, as well as an apology from Eduardo Gualazzi. The Academic Center, in its condition as the main representative entity of the FDUSP students, will be considering, along with its academic community, the possibility of demanding harsher measures against the professor’s reiterated behavior.

“May the youth of these arcades never stop revolting against the injustices, taking part in the struggles of their time, and dreaming and building a better world for all” (Centro Acadêmico XI de Agosto, 2003).

We will not be silenced!

São Paulo, February 25, 2019.”



Professor de Direito da USP elogia ditadura militar e alunos protestam

Essa é a segunda vez que Eduardo Gualazzi, professor associado do curso de Direito, é alvo de manifestações da comunidade acadêmica