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Fri 20
Vale is sentenced to pay R$ 12 million for four deaths in Brumadinho

Vale is sentenced to pay R$ 12 million for four deaths in Brumadinho

September 20th, 2019.


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Brazilian mining company Vale is sentenced to pay R$ 12 million in compensation for four people who died in the Minas Gerais city of Brumadinho, after a dam managed by them broke and caused a terrible accident in the area. A Brazilian Supreme Court justice has allowed search and seizure operations on Bolsonaro’s leader in the country’s Senate, as well as his son. Justice and Public Safety Minister Sergio Moro’s initiative to create a DNA bank has begun to yield results: the culprit of brutally murdering a 9-year-old child 11 years ago has been finally identified. A Rio de Janeiro judge has rejected former Brazilian president Michel Temer’s request to attend a lecture he had been invited to give in the University of Oxford’s Students’ Union, due to his current condition as a defendant under investigation for corruption and money laundering charges. Finally, a US-backed drone attack is being accused of killing at least 30 civilians in Afghanistan.


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Vale is sentenced to pay R$ 12 million for four deaths in Brumadinho

The Minas Gerais Justice Court issued on Thursday the first sentence concerning a private lawsuit concerning the landslides caused by the Brumadinho accident. In his decision, judge Rodrigo Heleno Chaves sentenced Vale to pay R$ 11.8 million to family members of four people who died. On January 25th, after the Mina do Feijão dam broke, Luiz Taliberti, his sister and his five-month pregnant wife were at an inn which was swept away by the flowing mud wave. The judge ruled that the mining company is responsible for the deaths, and must pay for all emotional distress included in compensation values paid to relatives. The lawsuit was filed by Luiz Taliberti’s mother and his wife’s parents.


Supreme Court justice claims search and seizure decisions were purely “technical and republican”

Former president Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet member and current government leader in the Brazilian Senate, Fernando Bezerra Coelho, as well as his son, congressman Fernando Coelho Filho, were targeted by a search and seizure operation on Thursday. Federal Supreme Court Justice Luís Roberto Barroso claimed his decision to allow such warrants upon members of the Federal Congress and Senate was “purely technical” and “republican”. According to him, this is a standard procedure in cases concerning corruption and money laundering investigation cases. Senate president Davi Alcolumbre called the operation “a severe” and “drastic interference” on the House.


Moro-backed DNA bank solves 11-year-old crime in Paraná

The national DNA bank, whose nationwide application is being defended by Brazilian Justice and Public Safety minister Sergio Moro, allowed Paraná’s Civil Police to identify a man suspected of brutally murdering a child 11 years ago. The body of 9-year-old Rachel Genofre was found in a bag in Curitiba’s main bus station on November 5, 2008, when the girl disappeared after leaving school. The genetic material analysis had a 100 percent compatibility, which assured the police that 54-year-old Carlos Eduardo dos Santos, currently serving a 22-year sentence in jail, was responsible for the death of the girl. Moro wants to collect DNA samples from the whole Brazilian jail population during the next three years; since the program was put in place, 559 investigations have been solved.


Judge rejects Temer’s England trip

Rio de Janeiro Federal 7th Criminal Court judge Marcelo Bretas rejected on Thursday a request made by former Brazilian president Michel Temer to travel to the United Kingdom. The MDB politician had been invited to present a lecture at the Oxford Union, an association formed by the members of the world-renowned institution and famous for hosting respected celebrities. The judge justified his decision claiming that the “status of the defendant, under investigation for corruption charges, is not compatible with the use of a diplomatic passport destined to an academic event.” According to Bretas, Temer’s situation “is not equivalent to that of an individual enjoying his full freedom.”


US-backed drone attack kills 30 farmers in Afghanistan

A drone attack made by Afghanistan security forces, backed by the United States, has killed at least 30 civilians and injured 40 people on Wednesday evening. The airstrike was aimed at a hideout used by Islamic State militants, but accidentally hit a field used by farmers in the Wazir Tangi region, in the Nangarhar province. According to a local tribal leader, Malik Rahat Gul, the attack happened when workers were resting after collecting nuts and decided to sit next to a bonfire. Afghan rebel forces and Taliban fighters have increased their attacks after peace talks between the US and Islamic militants have collapsed since early September.


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